Heritage Survey

We’ve heard from people young and old for our survey on heritage in Lincolnshire – our thanks to all who contributed!

Professor Carenza Lewis launched the survey with a short video seeking participation from across Lincolnshire.

This survey is now closed and the results are currently being analysed. The survey has been carried out by the University of Lincoln as part of the ‘Our Lincolnshire’ initiative funded by Arts Council England (ACE), aiming to understand the value that inhabitants of, and visitors to, Lincolnshire place on the county’s heritage, and the relevance this has to them.

Residents and visitors to Lincolnshire were asked for their thoughts on what heritage is and how this relates to Lincolnshire, to help towards planning how heritage is used and looked after across the county.

At the moment, it’s felt that rural heritage is not as well known or understood as city-based heritage. There is some concern that people in Lincolnshire don’t feel connected to their heritage, so we wanted to find out what people in Lincolnshire think their heritage is and why it’s important to them, so that we can advise on how public services in Lincolnshire can support their ideas about, and aspirations for, heritage.

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