Flickbook Theatre present… Our Lincolnshire in Grantham

Flickbook Theatre have successfully completed their first heritage performance Showcase, which was held in Louth. This coming weekend, they will be performing again, this time in Grantham. This will be a different performance, designed to reflect Grantham’s rich history and particularly the town’s strong female presence.


Join them in Grantham for a free performance, with free cake!

This performance is a culmination of six weeks of workshops. They have enjoyed immersing themselves in Grantham’s rich history and heritage with the help of local residents, who have also been keen to share what it means to be a real local.

Flickbook are performing at the Guildhall Arts Centre on Saturday 26 March at 6.30pm, telling their story of Grantham’s heritage.

If you would like to find out more, contact Phoebe at phoebe@flickbooktheatre.com or by phone on 07796 384102.