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My Lincolnshire Collection is Now Live!! Create your own collection of Lincolnshire’s heritage objects by clicking on the link below:

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 The Our Lincolnshire team, led by Professors Carenza Lewis and Matthew Cragoe, have now launched ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’, a creative web-app that provides a panel of 100 photographs of interesting and unusual objects from around Lincolnshire, and asks you to create a collection of up to 10 of your favourites. Each object is represented by a photograph and informative description to help you make your choices, and can be dragged from the panel of 100 into a selection bar at the top of the page.
In acknowledgement of the feeling that the city of Lincoln sometimes dominates ideas and conversations about Lincolnshire’s heritage, the Our Lincolnshire team have tried to focus on bringing objects from lesser-appreciated areas of the county to the fore. The app also includes a number of objects that may not traditionally be thought of as “heritage”, such as Skegness Ferris Wheel, Gainsborough Model Railway and a number of contemporary artworks from North Kesteven. This sense of variety in both object location and type means that the My Lincolnshire Collection web-app has something for everyone to enjoy.

Ferris Wheel on MLCOnce you’ve submitted your selections, ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’ will bring up a map of the county with the locations of your heritage objects marked, accompanied by links to their corresponding heritage sites where applicable. It is the Our Lincolnshire team’s hope that the app will enable and encourage Lincolnshire’s residents and visitors to explore more of their county, also allowing people to engage with their heritage in a new and fun way.
The selections made by users of the ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’ web-app will form part of a research report for the Our Lincolnshire project, as it will enable the team to gauge people’s perceptions of heritage, what about it is important to them and what it means to them.

Please give the web app a go using the link below, and if you have any comments or questions please feel free to direct them to


Jan 08, 2016

As part of Our Lincolnshire’s aim to engage digital audiences, the project is working towards the launch of ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’, a new web app that will enable users to access a virtual gallery of heritage objects complete with compact and informative descriptions.

Images of these objects are being collected from heritage sites all over Lincolnshire in the hopes that, in addition to the historical artefacts that draw thousands of visitors to our town and city centres each year, the collection will also represent the county’s lesser-known treasures.

Now for the fun part. From a panel of approximately 100 objects, users will be able to choose up to ten favourites, curating a collection to reflect their own tastes and priorities regarding Lincolnshire’s rural heritage. Objects can be selected by dragging the relevant thumbnail from the main gallery up into the green bar at the top of the page.

If users would like a closer look at an object, they need only click on its thumbnail to bring up a larger image of it. They will also find a description of the object beneath the image to help them in making the all-important decision of whether or not to include the item in their collection.

Indeed, we would love to hear about how and why our users have chosen their objects, so on the web app’s final page we have left a space for them to let us know their thoughts before their collection is submitted.

Our Lincolnshire will analyse submissions to ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’ regularly, so that we can keep track of any objects that are proving particularly popular amongst our users. We hope that the data collected by the web app will enable us to ascertain the areas of heritage that appeal most to the public. But, in the meantime we want our users will have a great time putting together their collection, so would love to hear any suggestions you may have on how we can make the experience more fun. Please feel free to voice your opinions in the comments box below!

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