Who’s who?

The ‘Our Lincolnshire’ project is being led by Professor Matthew Cragoe and Professor Carenza Lewis at the University of Lincoln.

The ‘Our Lincolnshire’ Project Team

Matthew CragoeProfessor Matthew Cragoe is the Pro Vice Chancellor (Arts) and Head of the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. His research focuses on the history of Britain since c.1700, and includes rural history, political history, and religious history. He is a keen cricketer and is currently also researching eighteenth century cricket. Matthew is leading the cricket heritage strand of the project.


Carenza LewisProfessor Carenza Lewis is the Professor for the Public Understanding of Research in the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. She combines research and teaching in archaeology, history and heritage with public outreach, with particular interests in medieval rural settlement, demography and landscape; community archaeology; public heritage; medieval history; and childhood in the past.  She is committed to involving members of the public in the research process to the benefit of individuals, communities and academia. Carenza has prepared the research plan and is leading the survey strand of the project.

Duncan RowlandDr Duncan Rowland is a Reader in Cultural Computing in the School of Computer Science (College of Science) at the University of Lincoln. His current research is focused on creative computing in the arts, and his primary interest is in exploring the human condition through relationships with digital devices and more traditional media. Duncan has designed and developed the web app for the project, an online collection of 100 images which users can interact with and curate themselves, called ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’.

Dominic SymondsDr Dominic Symonds is Reader in Drama in the School of Fine and Performing Arts (College of Arts) at the University of Lincoln. His research interests focus on musical theatre, performance cartography, collaboration, and the critical exploration of practice as research. Dominic has co-ordinated the performance strand of the project.


Raf NicholsonDr Raf Nicholson is a Research Assistant in the College of Arts at the University Lincoln. She recently completed her PhD on the development of women’s cricket in Britain in the 20th century at Queen Mary University of London. Raf is developing the cricket strand of the project, in association with Matthew Pickering and volunteers from across the county.


Matthew PickeringMatthew Pickering is a consultant on the project, advising on Lincolnshire’s cricket heritage, including the county’s cricket clubs, traditions and leagues.




Anna CruseAnna Cruse is a Research Assistant in the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. Anna’s research interests include early modern art history and gender in visual culture, which she developed during her time at the University of Oxford. Anna is working on the ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’ web app, curating images from across the county.


Anna ScottAnna Scott is a Research Assistant in the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. Anna’s current PhD research focuses on how people engage with heritage, and how heritage is used. Anna is administering the heritage survey and is the main contact for general enquiries about the project.

Performance Partners

Flickbook TheatreFlickbook Theatre formed in January 2014 as undergraduates intent on devising vibrant and brave theatre, and are based in Lincoln. Their debut production, Three Words, was a manifesto for what they felt theatre must be: joyous, live, alive, exciting and accessible. They have an Arts Council Funded mentorship with Proto-type Theater to support their practise and development. Flickbook are working with volunteers to develop performances in Grantham and Louth.

Egg Box TheatreEgg Box Theatre create original family theatre which inspires and engages young audiences in exciting and creative experiences. Egg Box Theatre was founded out of a need in Lincolnshire for imaginative and experimental theatre for young audiences, and for professional development opportunities for creative graduates. Egg Box are working with volunteers to develop performances in Pinchbeck, near Spalding, and Gainsborough.

Lincolnshire One VenuesLincolnshire One Venues is a network of 11 arts venues across Lincolnshire who work together in lots of different ways to let people know just how much is going on in this vibrant county. LOV jointly commission new work and want to create a more exciting and unique arts offer across the county that is accessible to everyone. They are playing a crucial support role for the performances for Our Lincolnshire.

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