Buzzfeed Quiz: Which TV Historian Are You?

Over 2000 people have already taken our new Buzzfeed quiz: ‘Which TV Historian Are You?’ Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 19.43.10

The quiz asks users to choose their favourite images from a selection of categories such as faces, windows and animals (as seen below).

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 19.39.19

Many of the images used in the quiz have been taken from the My Lincolnshire Collection web app, launched last Friday on Siren FM. You can have a listen to our live launch here, and give the app a go here.

And of course, join the thousands of people who have already found out which TV Historian they are with our Buzzfeed quiz, here.

Now launched: My Lincolnshire Collection web app


We’ve just launched the ‘My Lincolnshire Collection’ web app!

Choose your favourite 10 images from a collection of 100, of objects from across the county that reflect Lincolnshire’s diverse heritage.

Submit your responses and find out where your favourite objects are located in Lincolnshire – we hope you enjoy!

For a bit of fun – have a go at our Buzzfeed quiz ‘Which TV Historian are you?’ Could you be Carenza…?!

You can still tell us your views on Lincolnshire’s heritage with the Our Lincolnshire Heritage Survey – please take part!

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